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Online shop for Over Plywood DVD now open!!!

5 Apr
The DVD of Over Ply Wood is finally ready and available to buy…..follow the link below to buy the film for £6 which includes postage within the UK.



Steve Douglas’s Go For It! Skateboard Magazine-The Final Episode????

30 Sep


The process of putting together a documentary covering such a long time span has led to me building up an archive of material. The film is full to the brim with photographs, articles, film and video but there is still a huge pile of material which for various reasons can’t be included in the film. Partly because of time constraints and partly because the film is entirely Swansea based. In a pile of zines a borrowed from Tomsk, some of which have been reproduced here and on the facebook page I found this….Go For It! put together by Steve Douglas in the early 80’s. I asked Steve if I could reproduce the zine in full on this blog and naturally he said “Go For It!!” So thanks Steve and thanks Tomsk for getting things going in the 80’s and keeping it all rolling today.




ImageGo For It! 10Go For It! 11Go For It! 12

Go For It! 13Go For It! 14Go For It! 15Go For It! 16Go For It! 17Go For It! 18Go For It! 19Go For It! 20Go For It! 21Go For It! 22

Mutant skateboard mag issue 1….Underhill Uber Alles!

10 Apr

Zines are the flavour of the week…I’m plundering Tomsk’s collection but I hear tell of a Greg Fabb rival shoe box full. Slowly scanning my way through this lot so hopefully move onto Greg in a few weeks! Mutant was the creation of Philip in Manselton….
“Welcome to Mutant. First off please don’t think we’re jumping on the skate ‘band waggon’. Street Style has been alive and kicking through the high and low periods in Manselton. Just ask any local resident! (Horace) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it. If anyone needs some petrol money to Farnborough please let me know (50158). Thanks a lot, keep skating and write soon. Philip.”

Mutant 1

Mutant 2

Mutant 3

Mutant 4

Mutant 5

Mutant 6

Mutant 7

Mutant 8

Face Plant zine issue 3

9 Apr

Alongside plenty of other local and national zines in the 80’s and 90’s Face Plant zine provided some great info and good quality pictures courtesy of Skinboy and Leslie Lee Jenkins. Thanks to Mark who put the zine together at the time and has since scanned it all and very kindly sent it and let me post it here. Click on the images for a larger version. Another great Swansea zine alongside Mutant, Rat Bite, The Mun and the Slip Scandal all of which will appear on here in some form sooner or later. Thanks to all the creative zinesters over the years a good slice of Swansea’s skate history has been preserved. More zines please!! Especially in the days of blogs, websites, facebook and Twitter it would be great to have something tangible and hand made to look at.
Faceplant issue 3 cover Faceplant issue three Faceplant issue three 1 Faceplant issue three 2 Faceplant issue three 3 Faceplant issue three 4 Faceplant issue three 5 Faceplant issue three 6 Faceplant issue three 7 Faceplant issue three 8 Faceplant issue three 9 Faceplant issue three 11 Faceplant issue three 12

Rat Bite zine….issue 1

3 Apr

Rat Bite number one coverRat Bite number one 7
Rat Bite zine was put together by Twiss throughout the 80’s. I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce issue 1 in full. This is an introduction from Twiss…….
“I wrote the first issue of Ratbite in 1985. The reborn Swansea scene was at an early stage then and the mag’s content reflects that. There are photos of some of Britain’s top pros and write-ups from contests that a carful of us had travelled to in Banbury and Kidderminster, some blurry shots from Derwen Fawr, a spread of Chris Miller at Del Mar that John Dymond had taken while on a surf trip to the states… you get the idea. From the start, I wanted to have regular features, so I included local gossip (” Rumours and Lies”), a comic-strip (“Down in Rat-Town” ) and information about skate-spots (“100% Rad Terrain”, later ” Killer Terrain”). At the time I wasn’t trying to consciously contribute to the promotion of our “scene”, that notion didn’t exist! I just skated as much as I could, wore only skate clothes, hung out at the ramp, played bass in a skate band (The Boneless Ones)… the ‘zine was another way of being a skater. I think I learnt a lot from doing the mag, though. I always had plenty to write about, but the visual look of the pages had to be right too. I requisitioned my mum’s old typewriter, but the ribbon was worn out, so I used to type stuff up and then write over it in biro, the effect was cool, so I kept doing it. I spent hours cutting bits and pieces and trying to make interesting-looking backgrounds for the articles and photos. On the inside cover of the first mag, for example, “BMX?” is written in a large font, with a picture of Thatcher and the words “let them eat kicktail” written around it. I never had money for film, so I relied on others and had to try to make whatever pictures I had fit in with everything else. Pretty soon I had competition from Tomsk (“Gnarly”) and Phil Thomas (“Mutant”). I kept travelling a fair bit and once Skin started really getting into skate photography, the quality of the mag improved. By the time the last issue (#16) came out in early 1989, Swansea was very firmly on the international skate map, Skin was working for RAD and I was looking to go to uni to study media and English.”
Click on the images for a better look! I have most of the issues of Rat Bite so I will be posting more on here when I get them scanned.
Rat Bite number one 1Rat Bite number one 2

Rat Bite number one 3
Rat Bite number one 4

Rat Bite number one 5

Rat Bite number one 6