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Skin’s 30 years in skate photography show

26 Feb

Greg and I got to go out to Los Angeles for the weekend to see Skin’s show and have a bit of a roll around. Here are a couple of videos I made during our trip. More photos and stories in the new Overplywood zine which should be finished soon!

Skin's show, Los Angeles. Feb 2016 from Jono on Vimeo.

Los Angeles from Jono on Vimeo.


Skin Phillips photography auction, Swansea. December 2015.

3 Jan

Skin held an exhibition and auction of his work in Swansea on Friday 4th December 2015. The money raised from the sale of his prints all went to help Exist skatepark to continue operating.

Skin Phillips photography auction from Jono on Vimeo.

Happy 50th Birthday Skin!!

27 Feb

Skin with Grant Brittain at Skin’s 50th birthday party….happy birthday Skin!

Face Plant zine issue 3

9 Apr

Alongside plenty of other local and national zines in the 80’s and 90’s Face Plant zine provided some great info and good quality pictures courtesy of Skinboy and Leslie Lee Jenkins. Thanks to Mark who put the zine together at the time and has since scanned it all and very kindly sent it and let me post it here. Click on the images for a larger version. Another great Swansea zine alongside Mutant, Rat Bite, The Mun and the Slip Scandal all of which will appear on here in some form sooner or later. Thanks to all the creative zinesters over the years a good slice of Swansea’s skate history has been preserved. More zines please!! Especially in the days of blogs, websites, facebook and Twitter it would be great to have something tangible and hand made to look at.
Faceplant issue 3 cover Faceplant issue three Faceplant issue three 1 Faceplant issue three 2 Faceplant issue three 3 Faceplant issue three 4 Faceplant issue three 5 Faceplant issue three 6 Faceplant issue three 7 Faceplant issue three 8 Faceplant issue three 9 Faceplant issue three 11 Faceplant issue three 12