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Steve Douglas’s Go For It! Skateboard Magazine-The Final Episode????

30 Sep


The process of putting together a documentary covering such a long time span has led to me building up an archive of material. The film is full to the brim with photographs, articles, film and video but there is still a huge pile of material which for various reasons can’t be included in the film. Partly because of time constraints and partly because the film is entirely Swansea based. In a pile of zines a borrowed from Tomsk, some of which have been reproduced here and on the facebook page I found this….Go For It! put together by Steve Douglas in the early 80’s. I asked Steve if I could reproduce the zine in full on this blog and naturally he said “Go For It!!” So thanks Steve and thanks Tomsk for getting things going in the 80’s and keeping it all rolling today.




ImageGo For It! 10Go For It! 11Go For It! 12

Go For It! 13Go For It! 14Go For It! 15Go For It! 16Go For It! 17Go For It! 18Go For It! 19Go For It! 20Go For It! 21Go For It! 22


The location of Morfa ramp discovered

9 May

I have been using all my powers of deduction to find the exact location of Morfa ramp. Looking at it today it’s hard to imagine Morfa was once the home of U.K. vert skating. A huge carpark and a very bland retail park that could be anywhere with no hint of the skateboard history that went down there between 1988 to 1992 (roughly). Using Google earth and comparing it with the photographs, video and magazines I have I think I have got a rough thereabouts spot…please feel free to help me be more accurate. The red rectangles represent the vert ramp on the left and the mini on the right. The satellite image shows the Addis factory but Google earth has updated more recently so the warehouses have all gone. Morfa ramp locationBod Morfa Skateboard! September 1989
Bod Boyle backside ollie at Morfa…Skateboard! Magazine, September 1989. Photo credit: Paul Duffy.
I’m going down there tomorrow to see if I can find any old Hot Tuna banners or R.A.D. stickers!!


Morfa in Skateboard! Neil Danz on the contents page.

6 Apr

Danz Skateboard! contents page September 1989

Main’s skateboard collection and the Paul Conibear Ramprocker.

28 Feb

After being in contact with Con and hearing the stories of the fabled Paul Conibear Ramprocker I made it my mission to track one down. It proved to be a very simple mission; I asked Tomsk if he had one and he said no but Main has one in his collection! I texted Main and within a couple of days I had the legendary board in my possession. The advert for Con’s Ramprocker is on the bottom right of this page from Skateboard! Magazine.Skateboard! magazine 1970's Ramprocker ad 2

Not only that but a large pile of even older skateboards…the standout being the Roller Derby board with composite wheels which I have done a kind of photo shoot with below. I didn’t dare to give it a roll for fear of damaging the clay wheels which I don’t know how fragile they are. It’s a bit board porn but I can’t say how many of these things are still around. It was first made in 1959 and was the first ever mass produced skateboard. (Pictures are all clickable for a better and larger view)


So I took the Ramprocker down to it’s ancestral home at Langland carpark a couple of months ago and had a roll around and took these pictures. Thanks Main for loaning me your valuable collection. It’s been rad to get a feel for the old boards and made me appreciate Con’s achievements on a skateboard even more as it’s a bitch to ride compared with how easy we have it these days.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMain shows off his Ramprocker

con at gorseinon bowlCon grinding the kinked Gorseinon bowl on his Ramprocker