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Over Plywood DVD release party, Exist Skate store 28th March 2015

5 Apr

The DVD came back from the factory 2 days before the release party at Exist, cutting it fine you say. It came back in time, it all worked fine and looked great. Stress of waiting 2 weeks was over and it was time to party! Ace turn out, everyone was up for a good night as it always is when Ric puts on a party in the shop….Ssssnakes never disappoint live, the sound was great and they played their own classics interspersed with Ramones classics. Ric ran the coconut shy and pulled out the winning ticket for the ongoing skate raffle….awesome night….we even had a Repo Man projection going on over the back wall, perfect fit in every way….thanks for coming!!!!


If by any chance you didn’t make and want a copy of Over Ply Wood on DVD then head over to the online store to get yours!!! Thanks in advance!!


Online shop for Over Plywood DVD now open!!!

5 Apr
The DVD of Over Ply Wood is finally ready and available to buy…..follow the link below to buy the film for £6 which includes postage within the UK.


Screening at The Park Inn, Mumbles. 22nd January 2014.

2 Feb

Park screening poster
I thought the screening at the Park Inn in Mumbles would be a low key event, a good chance to watch the film on the big screen again and figure out any changes I might need to make ahead of getting the dvd made. The Park is a cosy little pub in the backstreets of Mumbles, a real ale pub that is more terraced house living room than spacious lager hall. Kev is the owner and barman at The Park and thats the way he likes it….a great selection of ales and a cosy space that has made The Park extremely popular with the locals and visitors alike. We organised it to be on a Wednesday night so it would be nice and quiet and the film which was planned to take over one side of the pub wouldn’t interrupt the regulars. Kev is a skater as well as a publican so he was keen to see the film and it was a good excuse to get his friends into the pub midweek.
Audience by Simon
As it quickly turned out the screening was the most popular of the four I have done with the film. The place filled up at the advertised 8pm….we had to shift all the furniture out to make room for everyone and still there was no room! There were people in the street watching through the window at one point. It was more like a gig than a film screening.
Con and crowd
As with a gig the sound failed miserably for the first few minutes as I neglected to test the p.a. before starting the film. Mark saved the day with his musical knowledge and stuck the cable from the dvd player in the right socket! Nice one Mark! The volume was finally high and in both speakers and the film rolled.
Evs pk inn
The room was getting hot and the ale was flowing and everyone was getting into the film. Plenty of faces from the film were there from all periods of Swansea skate history…Griff who is in the poster for the night heard about the film and came along. The photograph was him skating at The Hollywood bowl in Gorseinon in the 70’s….the film has plenty of photos and film from the 70’s. We had Con’s ramprocker borrowed from Tom at Exist so everyone was stoked to have a look at that too.
Ty and evs at the park instagram
The film was coming to an end and about 8 minutes before the end the technology failed and the dvd player gave up…not sure if it was the heat or the dvd player or the dvd itself but we couldn’t get it started again! Quickly got the raffle draw going to take the heat off the minor disaster of the missing end of the film……
photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

Loads of great prizes were donated so a lot of people went home with something ranging from an awesome signed and framed photograph of the Bones Brigade at Morfa by Phil Rees to clothes donated by Ric at Exist and a pile of t-shirts from Jason to an original painting by Simon Dark and a stack of wine and spirits from Kev at the pub!!
Thanks to this huge generosity and a whip round organised by Kev I made enough money to get the film audio professionally mixed at Rhondda Street Studios in Swansea and still have change to add to the dvd production fund…Thanks everyone who came down and supported the film!!! What a night, my favourite screening yet!Morfa print comp
Thanks to Simon Dark for taking photos on the night and special thanks to Kev at the Park, Phil Rees for the amazing photograph, Ric, Tomsk and Greg for equipment loans and everyone who came along, bought raffle tickets and gave money. Until the next time……

2nd Screening-Exist skatepark, Swansea, Sunday 10th November 2013.

5 Dec


Exist skatepark was the second venue for screening the film….the great thing about this was that the skatepark was closed for a major refurbishment so no one had been in there for a good 4 weeks…it was amazing to get back in and see what Ric and everyone had been up to for the last few weeks. The mammoth task of fitting a soundproof ceiling above the whole park had taken up most of the time. We decided to do the screening as a fundraiser for the park as the ceiling alone cost thousands…an expense the council planning department had forced upon the park in order for it to stay open. An expense no one will even notice as they skate in the park after it reopens but thanks to Ric and Kate and their determination to keep the park going in the face of the constant hurdles placed before them the park has lived on to fight another day. The screening happened amidst the chaos of the refit and under the shadow of the sword of Damacles the council were wielding. The un skinned frames of the new skatepark were a fitting backdrop for the film. A great crowd turned out on another Sunday evening and many of the faces from the first showing came along for a second viewing which was a great endorsement of the film, thanks to everyone who came along, it wasn’t the warmest of evenings so sitting in an empty warehouse for a couple of hours was a bit of a trial! No one left so that must say something, cheers!

I made a small programme for the premiere and had a few left to give out at ExistDownload one here if you missed out on the night
Tommy, Billy and Pedro came down.

Stars of the show…Tomsk, Jason, Ric and Greg

Tomsk, Arwyn and Kate who have all shaped and influenced the Swansea skate scene

Twiss interviewed in the film and projected up larger than life on the skatepark wall,
literally Over Ply Wood.

Tomsk, Bevan and Dan…the builders of ramps over the decades.

More screenings and a dvd very soon. Thanks for all the interest in the film and especially to everyone who has made it to see the film so far.

Over Ply Wood film archive….surfing at Llangennith in the 70’s.

31 Jan

The cine film from Ron over in Australia was not only skateboarding in the 1970’s. In fact the majority of it is surfing, this next clip was filmed down at Llangennith at the end of the Gower Peninsula. One of the things that makes it special is that Ron filmed in the water, not sure how easy it was to come by waterproof housing for the camera in the 70’s but it can’t have been cheap. I got the films from Ron for the skateboarding but the added bonus of all the amazing surf footage has made it a real pleasure and a privilege to watch. Thanks again Ron and Mark for making it all look so good.

Surfing at Llangennith in the 70’s from Jono on Vimeo.

Cine film, Skate City and the 1970’s.

29 Jan

Skateboard! magazine 1970's Skate City article...banner title

This being the first real post i thought i would make it a big one.

Contributions for the project have been almost continuous and very generous. I have had a wealth of photographs sent to me covering all eras of skateboarding and a similar story with video. As technology has changed over the years and formats have come and gone then I have been given every imaginable form of video and in this case cine film.
Through the facebook page and Paul Conibear I heard that one of his friends had some cine film of skateboarding in the 70’s. I never dreamed there would be so much and of such good quality. Ron Williams was originally from Porthcawl but now lives in Australia, a surfer and documenter of his travels, surfing and skating. His films include a lot of surfing filmed in Wales and around the world captured from both the beach and in the water. Rare items, seen by few and i can’t imagine many others at the time having cameras, underwater housing, access to boats and planes from which to film, all of which are included in Ron’s reels. To cut a long story short Ron sent me the reels over from Australia!! Thanks Ron for your trust and generosity, unlike the video files of today there is only one copy of cine film, a fragile, sellotaped together thin reel of celluloid so these things are hard to come by and keep safe.
I thought it would be easy to simply set up a projector and use a camcorder to film it off the wall. Experimenting with this it never really worked, the film jumps around as it is projected, the colours don’t look as vivid as they do on the film and the brightness of the image tapers off at the edges…getting a proper digital transfer seemed the only way to get the film looking as good as it deserves to.
Again the facebook page came to the rescue. I was contacted by Mark Knights who has skated for years and also happens to work at a film archive, when he heard about the prospect of cine film arriving with some unseen skate footage from the 70’s he leapt at the chance to get involved. Mark has gone on to convert most of the cine film and has just started converting some of the Vhs tapes too. I figured if this is worth doing then it’s worth doing well so getting all the conversions done professionally seemed the right way to go.
So the films are being done and the results are arriving and much of it isn’t specifically relevant to the story in Over Ply Wood. It is however super interesting and unseen so it needs an outlet somewhere. I plan to regularly post clips here that can’t be used in the film. This first one has links to the story however. Skate City on the banks of the Thames right in the shadow of Tower Bridge in London is the subject of the first clip. Alongside the film I was also lent a stack of old Skateboard! magazines at the weekend which have a ton of coverage of the building, opening and use of Skate City in 1977. So thanks to Mike Pearson for loaning your treasured collection!
The article below is taken from Skateboard! issue 2 which came out in October 1977. This would set the time of the opening of Skate City as the summer of 1977…Andy Vost told me one of his friends was skating at Skate City as the Sex Pistols boat party sailed by so it was up and running on 7th June 1977….remind me who that was Andy?!
Skateboard! magazine 1970's Skate City article

Skateboard! magazine issue 2. October 1977.

Skateboard! magazine issue 2. October 1977.

Skateboard! magazine 1970's Skate City article 2

Con was skating at Skate City as he talks about in the interviews I have done with him and here is a picture Vince sent me of Con blazing the ‘black bowl’ but i’m not sure of the details of where this is from or when it was taken..in a magazine i think?
Con at Skate CitySkateboard! magazine 1970's Si Napper interview 1
I have included this Simon Napper interview as some of the photographs are down at Skate City and also Si mentions Con on the last page as being the “only skater outside of London or Brighton to measure up”!! High praise indeed. Click on the images to get a large size that makes it more readable.
Skateboard! magazine 1970's Si Napper interview 2Skateboard! magazine 1970's Si Napper interview 3

Below is the first in a series of unedited film clips taken from Ron’s cine film. Skate City ‘Black Bowl’…the film has only seen by a handful of people and not for a while i think. Let me know any names and i can add some details about the skaters to the clip.

Skate City from Jono on Vimeo.