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2nd Screening-Exist skatepark, Swansea, Sunday 10th November 2013.

5 Dec


Exist skatepark was the second venue for screening the film….the great thing about this was that the skatepark was closed for a major refurbishment so no one had been in there for a good 4 weeks…it was amazing to get back in and see what Ric and everyone had been up to for the last few weeks. The mammoth task of fitting a soundproof ceiling above the whole park had taken up most of the time. We decided to do the screening as a fundraiser for the park as the ceiling alone cost thousands…an expense the council planning department had forced upon the park in order for it to stay open. An expense no one will even notice as they skate in the park after it reopens but thanks to Ric and Kate and their determination to keep the park going in the face of the constant hurdles placed before them the park has lived on to fight another day. The screening happened amidst the chaos of the refit and under the shadow of the sword of Damacles the council were wielding. The un skinned frames of the new skatepark were a fitting backdrop for the film. A great crowd turned out on another Sunday evening and many of the faces from the first showing came along for a second viewing which was a great endorsement of the film, thanks to everyone who came along, it wasn’t the warmest of evenings so sitting in an empty warehouse for a couple of hours was a bit of a trial! No one left so that must say something, cheers!

I made a small programme for the premiere and had a few left to give out at ExistDownload one here if you missed out on the night
Tommy, Billy and Pedro came down.

Stars of the show…Tomsk, Jason, Ric and Greg

Tomsk, Arwyn and Kate who have all shaped and influenced the Swansea skate scene

Twiss interviewed in the film and projected up larger than life on the skatepark wall,
literally Over Ply Wood.

Tomsk, Bevan and Dan…the builders of ramps over the decades.

More screenings and a dvd very soon. Thanks for all the interest in the film and especially to everyone who has made it to see the film so far.