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Morfa location….new evidence!

10 May

“The telegraph pole”….the telegraph pole that was behind the ramp on road side seems to be the only landmark left standing. It has outlasted the ramp, the factory, the stadium….all of it. Wonder how much longer it can make it?
Morfa location proof 3

Morfa location proof 2

Morfa location proof 1



The location of Morfa ramp discovered

9 May

I have been using all my powers of deduction to find the exact location of Morfa ramp. Looking at it today it’s hard to imagine Morfa was once the home of U.K. vert skating. A huge carpark and a very bland retail park that could be anywhere with no hint of the skateboard history that went down there between 1988 to 1992 (roughly). Using Google earth and comparing it with the photographs, video and magazines I have I think I have got a rough thereabouts spot…please feel free to help me be more accurate. The red rectangles represent the vert ramp on the left and the mini on the right. The satellite image shows the Addis factory but Google earth has updated more recently so the warehouses have all gone. Morfa ramp locationBod Morfa Skateboard! September 1989
Bod Boyle backside ollie at Morfa…Skateboard! Magazine, September 1989. Photo credit: Paul Duffy.
I’m going down there tomorrow to see if I can find any old Hot Tuna banners or R.A.D. stickers!!