Mutant skateboard mag issue 1….Underhill Uber Alles!

10 Apr

Zines are the flavour of the week…I’m plundering Tomsk’s collection but I hear tell of a Greg Fabb rival shoe box full. Slowly scanning my way through this lot so hopefully move onto Greg in a few weeks! Mutant was the creation of Philip in Manselton….
“Welcome to Mutant. First off please don’t think we’re jumping on the skate ‘band waggon’. Street Style has been alive and kicking through the high and low periods in Manselton. Just ask any local resident! (Horace) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it. If anyone needs some petrol money to Farnborough please let me know (50158). Thanks a lot, keep skating and write soon. Philip.”

Mutant 1

Mutant 2

Mutant 3

Mutant 4

Mutant 5

Mutant 6

Mutant 7

Mutant 8


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