V&A Museum Plywood exhibition including skateboarding in Wales

8 Sep

Plywood exhibition

A while back Chris at Exist got an email from a researcher at the V&A Museum asking about Over Ply Wood and how she could contact me. I got back to her and she explained that the museum was planning a big exhibition about plywood and it’s many uses. She had found Over Ply Wood online and was interested in how skateboarders had used plywood for boards and ramps. They needed some film so I asked Tomsk if he was up for it and we jumped at the chance to get involved. I sent them some video Tomsk had let me use for Over Ply Wood. Ron Williams was also into his cine film from 1970’s Porthcawl being used so I sent that along too. Months later and the show has opened. The film clips are projected up onto big screens and can be seen in a continuous loop high above the plywood objects on show. The exhibition is free and its on until Sunday 12th November 2017.


V&A Plywood exhibition from Jono on Vimeo.

skateboard workshop


Quick video clip from this year’s trip to Bilbao……

31 May

The biggest crew yet went to Bilbao for a long weekend. Andy took his drone, this is a quick collection of clips from the first couple of parks we went to.

Bilboyo17 from Jono on Vimeo.

Skin’s 30 years in skate photography show

26 Feb

Greg and I got to go out to Los Angeles for the weekend to see Skin’s show and have a bit of a roll around. Here are a couple of videos I made during our trip. More photos and stories in the new Overplywood zine which should be finished soon!

Skin's show, Los Angeles. Feb 2016 from Jono on Vimeo.

Los Angeles from Jono on Vimeo.

Skin Phillips photography auction, Swansea. December 2015.

3 Jan

Skin held an exhibition and auction of his work in Swansea on Friday 4th December 2015. The money raised from the sale of his prints all went to help Exist skatepark to continue operating.

Skin Phillips photography auction from Jono on Vimeo.

Team Boyo do California!! Arwyn’s 2002 video diary

13 Apr

Still Over Ply Wood

13 Apr

It’s getting close to the possibly now annual pilgrimage to the Basque Country….its not that the skaters of Over Ply Wood rest during the remaining months of the year…far from it…Thursday nights at Exist, Tuesday mornings at Porthcawl or Cardiff and the occasional road trip to London or the south coast but Bilbao has been and will be the highlight of the past couple of years….check out last years video which has a few of the spots we hit locally and further away too….skateboarding continues to drag us all to the four corners of the back of beyond to find new spots.
This video is also an extra on the Over Ply Wood DVD

Over Plywood DVD release party, Exist Skate store 28th March 2015

5 Apr

The DVD came back from the factory 2 days before the release party at Exist, cutting it fine you say. It came back in time, it all worked fine and looked great. Stress of waiting 2 weeks was over and it was time to party! Ace turn out, everyone was up for a good night as it always is when Ric puts on a party in the shop….Ssssnakes never disappoint live, the sound was great and they played their own classics interspersed with Ramones classics. Ric ran the coconut shy and pulled out the winning ticket for the ongoing skate raffle….awesome night….we even had a Repo Man projection going on over the back wall, perfect fit in every way….thanks for coming!!!!


If by any chance you didn’t make and want a copy of Over Ply Wood on DVD then head over to the online store to get yours!!! Thanks in advance!!